Popular science writing: Perceptions and attitudes of science writers of Vigyan Pragati magazine

Gupta, Navneet Kumar


This research paper is mainly based on the responses of the authors of the popular Hindi science magazine Vigyan Pragati. In this research paper disucss verious issues like science writing training, problems related to science writing and how to add more and more new writers in science writing in Hindi language, in which columns more stories are sent by writers, the authors' inspirational, publication-related problems are included. Various facts related to understanding of science writing in Hindi, status of writing in different areas of science and promotion of science writing in Hindi has also been included in this research paper.


विज्ञान प्रगति, वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण, विज्ञान संचार, विज्ञान लोकप्रियकरण

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