Role of Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND®) in Development of Indian Reference Materials for Quality Assurance of Products

Kumari, Manju ; Vijayan, N. ; Nayak, Debabrata ; Yadav, Sudha ; ., Kiran ; Pant, R.P.


The benchmark of life and quality infrastructure of a nation is mainly dependent on the measurement system of country. The growth of nation in addition to its science & technology is highly influenced by measurement of any physical quantities or policies. The ancient as well as modern sciences predominantly rely on the measurement procedure and its accuracy. One can say that science starts from measurements hence it can be considered as one of the basic aspect of science and its growth. To perform these measurements which are basis of life, simple to sophisticated equipment's are used. The results from these instruments may be not accurate and precise if it is not calibrated. With calibration there is need of comparable measurement to attain the unbroken chain of measurements. Now Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) played critical role in calibration of instrument and to get the comparable measurements which are traceable to national or world-wide standards. The outcomes of sophisticated instruments may be wrong without its calibration. So now it is the time for the scientific and new innovations world to calibrate the sophisticated instruments using these certified reference standards. These CRMs are generally produced and maintained by "National Measurement Institute (NMI)" of the country. In India, Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND®) division of National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is continuously working in developing the Indian Reference Materials (IRMs). Now these IRMs can be defined as those substances which are key factors for maintaining a healthy measurement system and to get very precise value. With this these are cost effective IRMs which will improve the quality of products and will help in economic growth of the country. In this article, we are discussing about that measurements which are attached to each steps of our life. But it is necessary that measurement should be accurate and precise and traceable to some true value. CSIR-NPL is continuously focused on the development of IRMs for calibration of instrument, improvement in quality of life, industrial production, global trade and to get accurate and precise measurements.

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