Translation of scientific and technical litreature and need for popularisation of Hindi terminology

Choudhary, Sanjay


Terminology plays a very important role in the process of technical translation. But in Hindi, many types of practical difficulties and problems are talked about regarding the terminology. It is a fact that despite the constitutional status, English is more prevalent in our country in technical education and research. The number of users of the terminology of Hindi is limited. As a result, Hindi vocabulary created by tireless hard work is not gaining much popularity. Hindi writers and translators of science find it difficult to preserve the quality of intelligibility in their original writings and translation works. Considering English as a lingua franca and not considering Hindi as a competent medium for expression of scientific and technical subjects, a bias arises in the minds of many scholars towards Hindi terminology.This bias needs to be removed because presently it should be our priority to present various branches of science in Hindi and for this, science topics need to be explained in simple language so that we can strive for popularization of technical terminology of Hindi later on. Creative translation can be used for this. For a difficult concept or latest scientific discovery, if there is no appropriate word in the target language (Hindi) or if there is a problem related to communication, then expressing it in a simple way is more effective because the main purpose of translation is to communicate the information given in the source language. By keeping English/foreign words for complex terminology and using simple expressions of Hindi, it will be more effective if the technical terminology of Hindi is kept in the parentheses for the purpose of popularisation.

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