Impact of HIV/AIDS On Society :A Review

laxmi, vijay


The purpose of this study is to demonstrate what the effects on our society are when a person gets affected by HIV/AIDS and what kind of changes come in our society. HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease for which no cure is available yet. Prevention is the only cure of HIV/AIDS. How the society is being affected due to this disease and what are the ill effects of it on the elderly, women, children and the poor of the society. The impact of this disease   is such that public and private enterprises have to pay a heavy cost for it. As a result, it reduces the productivity of the society, losses skilled and experienced workers and increases the expenditure on the treatment of the affected workers in the industrial sector as the demand for public sector increases, as the national economies of countries like sub-saharan Africa have seen its servere consequences, it has affected virtually every region there. It has shown maximum impact on the most productive sector i.e. labour force. In countries with high HIV prevalence rates, labour supply has been cut and workers incomes have declined, adversely affecting the performance of enterprises and the national economy. In this direction, this paper is based on the national and international schemes of the government that which scheme is beneficial for the society.


HIV, AIDS, HIV/AIDS Victims,   Social Ethics, Prevention

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