Environmental impact of technological advancements and environmental policy regulations in automobile sector

Solanki, Krupa ; Solanki, Rutvik S


The major element contributing the air quality of any location in India is directly proportional to the number of vehicles being operated in the city. Taking Delhi as an example, the main contributor to high pollution in Delhi is attributed to the huge number of four wheelers and traffic. The vehicular emissions depend highly on the type of vehicle being operated. A direct petrol or Diesel Engine has more emissions as compared to Hybrid Automobiles, which in turn have much more air pollution contribution as totally battery-operated Cars. We will show how these dynamics work at a more basic level. Furthermore, these benefits of low air pollution seen at the front shadows a lot of other problems [2] at the back, which also we will discuss further in the paper. The main Environmental Policies are framed relating to the Technological advancement available. A brief interface of the dynamics between Technological and policy evolution of Indian Environmental Policies across years

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