Evaluation of the properties of waterproofing membrane and their effect on the durability of bridge deck

Rana, Rajesh ; Lakshmy, P


A large quantity of concrete is used to construct any structure like bridges. Concrete is a heterogeneous material due to which there are chances of micro pores in it. Through these micro pores, the seepage of water is a common problem that deteriorates the reinforced steel present in these structures. The seepage of water reduces the strength of structure due to the attack of corrosion in the reinforced steel. To prevent such seepage and to increase the life of bridges, waterproofing of bridge deck is an important technique. This technique helps to make waterproof of precast segmental bridges. This paper present the evaluation of various properties of APP and SBS types of waterproofing membranes used in bridge deck and their affect on the durability of bridge deck. For the evaluation of different properties of waterproofing membrane CSIR-CRRI developed various test fixtures according to BD 47/99, ASTM, EN and IS standards. The different properties of waterproofing membrane which affect the durability of bridge deck are Tensile and Tear Strength, Adhesion strength, Low flexibility temperature, softening point etc. From this study, it is concluded that SBS is more effecting than APP in cold regions and vice-versa because the low flexibility of SBS is higher and the softening point of APP is higher.

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