Efficient conversion of aldoximes into nitriles and ketoximes into amides using bis-morpholinophosphorylchloride

Rao, P Purnachandra; Nowshuddin, Shaik ; Jha, Anjali ; Rao, B Leela Maheswara; Divi, Murali K; Rao, M N A


Bis-morpholinophosphorylchloride(bmpc) has been identified as a new reagent to efficiently convert aldoxime into nitriles through dehydrogenation and ketoximes into amides through Beckmann rearrangement. When compared to other chlorophosphate reagents used earlier, which are liquids and irritating, bmpc is a non-irritating stable solid. In all the reactions, products are obtained in high yields and purity.


Bis-morpholinophosphorylchloride, aldoxime, Ketoxime, Nitrile, Amide, Beckmann rearrangement.

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