A facile Michael addition reaction of β-diketones to nitrostyrenes: alkylamino substituted triazine as an efficient organocatalyst

James, Kiran ; Janardhanan, Jith C; Kala, Kannankutty ; Mathai, Sindhu ; Manoj, Narayanapillai


Various aminoalkyl substituted triazines have been synthesised and their activity as organocatalyst has been studied in the Michael addition reactions of β-diketones to nitrostyrenes. All the catalysts were found to be effective towards the addition reaction, and highest performance was achieved with the catalyst having long chain alkyl group. The effect of base and solvent has also been investigated, and the condition has been optimized with triethylamine as the base and chlorobenzene as the solvent for excellent yields. The reaction is highly remarkable since the catalyst under study is readily available and inexpensive compared to other organocatalyst known for the reaction.


Nitro styrene, β-diketone, Organocatalyst, Michael addition, Triazine

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