Construction, characterization and antibacterial activity of pyrazolone, thiohydantoin and their derivatives

Michael, Osahon ; Tailor, Giriraj ; Singh, Saurabh ; Sarma, Bhupendra Kr.; Teli, Pankaj


Heterocyclic organic compounds play pivotal roles in drug synthesis and continue to remain a fundamental area of research interest. The present study reports the synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activities of synthesized organic compounds containing pyrazolone and thiohydantoin moieties. Pyrazolone and thiohydantoin scaffolds have been constructed using well-defined methods and their derivatives have been synthesized Structural elucidation has been achieved via IR and NMR spectroscopy techniques. The synthesized compounds have been screened for antimicrobial activity at
50 μg/mL concentration, against three pathogenic micro-organisms, viz: E. coli, K. pneumonia and P. aeruginosa, using the agar diffusion cup plate method. Ciprofloxacin is used as control. Interestingly, all the compounds have exhibited antimicrobial activities. Compound 2b have shown the highest sensitivity against P. aeruginosa with ZOI of 13 mm. Compounds 1a and 2a have shown highest activity against K.pneumoniawith ZOI 11 mm each. Compound 2a has shown highest sensitivity against E. coli with ZOI of 8 mm. These findings indicate that the synthesized compounds are pure and possess therapeutic properties.


Antibacterial activity, Hydantoin, Pyrazole, Pyrazolone, Thiohydantoin

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