Facile and smart synthesis of benzyl salicylate via vapor-phase transesterification over monoliths coated with zirconia and its modified versions


S R, Pratap ; S Z, Mohamed Shamshuddin ; N, Thimmaraju ; M, Shyamsundar


Al(III)/ZrO2 catalysts with Al(III) content ranging from 5–25 wt% have been coated on honeycomb monoliths by dip & dry technique. These catalysts have also been prepared in their powder form. All the prepared catalysts have been characterized by surface acidity, crystallinity, functionality and morphology. The catalytic activity of Al(III)/ZrO2 has been determined in vapor-phase as well as liquid-phase transesterification of methyl salicylate with benzyl alcohol. The honeycomb form of the catalysts shows almost a 1.4 fold time increase in the catalytic activity when compared to the powder forms. Further, the effect of calcination temperature on the activity has also been discussed. The effect of poisoning of acid sites by adsorbed pyridine (base) and its effect on the surface acidity has been correlated with PXRD phases along with catalytic activity. Catalytic recyclability of Al(III)/ZrO2 catalysts has also been measured.


Zirconia, Benzyl salicylate, Vapor-phase, Transesterification

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