Microscopic visualization of regeneration in scale worm Paralepidonotussp. (Grube, 1878)

Bharathidasan, V ; Rajesh, N ; Murugesan, P ; Sivaraj, S


regeneration of damaged or lost body parts is an ecologically important process in the animal realm. Like many other annelids, segmented worms and bearded scale worm, Paralepidonotussp. is capable of regenerating its anterior elytra and posterior body segments and terminal structures that are lost due to amputation. In aquaculture industry, scale worms have importance as common live feed. In this context, we studied the morphology and organization of tissues in Paralepidonotussp. populations which have ability to regenerate the anterior elytra and posterior region. The study revealed that the  processof blastema formation in the anterior (Elytra) and posterior segments of Paralepidonotussp. was normal and got regenerated to its original state during 9th to 12th day of experiment, and thus this species can be used for mass scale production to cater to the demand of aquaculture as suitable live feed for feeding the brooders both in shrimp and ornamental Aquaculture.



Anterior elytra, Aquaculture, Broodstock feed, Live feed, Polychaetes

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