Integrated TOPSIS-PROMETHEE-MOORA model for material selection of crankcase cover

Chawla, Sumit ; Singari, Ranganath M.


Material selection is an important task for designers in all industries. To satisfy customer needs, designers have to predict the performance of all available materials and find out the best material for the product. Since the various materials are available in the market with diverse characteristics, which makes the material selection process is complex. So, there is an indispensable need for a proper material selection methodology. The designers have to identify the best approach which enhanced the product performance and also reduced the time of designing. In this study, first-time selection of materials for two-wheeler crankcase cover has done using integrated TOPSIS (Technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution) PROMETHEE (Preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluation), and MOORA (Multi-objective optimization by ration analysis) model. The final rankings of alternatives obtained from this integrated model have also been compared with each other for finding the best material for crankcase cover. Six aluminum alloys (Alloy 360, Alloy 380, Alloy A380, Alloy 383, Alloy B390, and Alloy 13) have been taken as alternatives, and seven attributes (Brinell hardness, yield strength, % elongation, young’s modulus, ultimate tensile strength, fatigue strength, and material cost) have been taken as criteria for this study.


Aluminum alloy, Crankcase cover, MADM, Material selection, MCDM

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