Performance enhancements in powder-mixed near-dry electric discharge machining

Sundriyal, Sanjay ; Vipin; Walia, R S


Powder-mixed near-dry electric discharge machining (PMND-EDM) process have been attracting attention in the manufacturing community because of its capability to produce the end products with better surface quality characteristics and improved machining rate. Present work is an effort to understand the influence of process variables like tool diameter, flow rate of dielectric mist, concentration of metallic powder and mist pressure of dielectric medium. Taguchi method orthogonal array L9 was used for the conduction of experiments. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was employed to find out the significance of process parameters. The results reveal that the optimum process parameters for the experimental condition for maximum MRR (0.11 mg s-1)was at tool diameter at A1 (2mm), flow rate of mist at B3 (15 ml min-1), concentration of metallic powder at C3 (25 gm l-1) and mist pressure of dielectric at D3 (0.6 MPa). It has been also concluded that metallic powder was responsible for surface modification to achieve higher micro-hardness value up to 530.10 Vickers hardness number along with refined surface characteristics.


Material removal rate, Powder-mixed near-dry EDM, Micro-hardness

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