Effect of internal heat source modulations on the onset of triple diffusive convection in viscoelastic liquids

Arshika S, Noor ; Tarannum, Sameena ; Subbarama, Pranesh


The paper aims to study the dynamic behavior of a triple diffusive system subjected to sinusoidal (trigonometric cosine) and non-sinusoidal wave forms (square, sawtooth and triangular) of internal heat source modulation. The configuration of the system is such that a layer of viscoelastic liquid is heated and salted with two solutes from below. An Oldroyd-B type model is made use for viscoelastic liquids. In order to regulate the convection onset, internal heat source modulation is applied. This investigation is modelled using a linear stability analysis where a stationary convection is preferred. Venezian approach facilitates a solution by finding the eigen values of the problem. The influence of pertinent parameters which are varied for a wide range of values have been reported. It is captured via graphs that for small values of frequency of modulation, square wave form is more stable while sawtooth wave form is more stable for an increment in the values of frequency of modulation. Further, liquids such as Newtonian, Maxwell and Rivlin-Ericksen are analysed as the limiting cases of the problem. It seems worthwhile to discuss the results of the present study as it is the first work on linear theory of different wave forms of internal heat source modulation and thus paves a way for new theoretical and experimental endeavors.


Convection, Internal heat source modulation, Venezian approach, Viscoelastic liquid

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