Assessment of antibacterial efficacy of the methanolic extract of Bacillus vietnamensis PBChS1 isolated from marine sediments of Chidiyatapu coast, South Andaman

Cherian, T ; Jamal, W ; Eranhottu, S ; Yalla, S K ; Mohanraju, R


Marine bacteria are of extensive significance as new ‘budding springs’ of a vast number of organic active artefacts. Till now, only a fraction of microorganisms have been scrutinized for bioactive metabolites, yet a colossal sum of these metabolites with unique structural drafts remains untouched and unexploited. In this respect, the species of Bacillus vietnamensis was isolated from the marine sediments of Chidiyatapu coast, South Andaman and characterized by both phenotypic and genotypic methods. The anti-oxidative activities of the methanolic extract were determined by the estimation of TPC (Total Phenolic Content), reducing power, free radical scavenging assay and ferric thiocyanate method. Antibacterial activity of the methanolic extract was analyzed by an agar well diffusion assay confirming the presence of active metabolites of various functional groups by FT-IR, thereby warranting a ‘combinatorial approach’ for applicative pharmacological settings.


Antibacterial activity, Antioxidant assay, Bacillus vietnamensis, FT-IR, Marine sediment, Secondary metabolite

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