New records of Conidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from Andhra Pradesh, east coast of India

Rout, S S ; Dash, B ; Subba Rao, N V ; Surya Rao, K V ; Raman, A ; Raut, D


A benthic investigation from the coastal corridor of Andhra Pradesh revealed 17 species of cone snails. Of these, seven species, namely Conasprella aculeiformis Reeve, C. coromandelica (E. A. Smith), Conus amadis (Gmelin), C. caracteristicus (Fischer von Waldheim), C. coronatus (Gmelin), C. monile Hwass in Bruguiere, and C. sulcatus Hwass in Bruguière are recorded for the first time from the coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh. The present findings of Conus from Andhra Pradesh coast are indicative of the species extended distribution to the northeast coast along the Bay of Bengal. Additionally, the live specimens collected could be of resource value for species description and historical analyses.


Bay of Bengal, Conus, India, Macrofauna, Molluscs

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