Reproductive biology of rock oyster, Saccostrea cucullata (Born, 1778) along Aare-Ware rocky shore of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Pakhmode, P K ; Mohite, S A ; Takar, S ; Gurjar, U R


The present study regarding the reproductive biology of Saccostrea cucullata was carried out from May 2014 to April 2016. The observation has indicated that the peak spawning season is from the month of November to January along the Aare-Ware rocky shore of Ratnagiri. For females, the maximum values of Gonado Somatic Index (GSI) were observed in November 2014 (2.8890) and November 2015 (2.9910), whereas in males, GSI values were maximum in November 2014 (2.1964) and December 2015 (2.1681). During the study, the average male: female sex ratio of 1:1.4 was observed, with a minimum of 1:1 in the month of April 2015 and a maximum (1:1.8) during December 2014, indicating predominance of females in all the months. The size of the first maturity has been estimated to be 22.2 mm which can be utilized for signifying management measures for sustainable utilization of the resource.


First maturity, GSI, Rock oyster, Saccostrea cucullata, Spawning

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