Population composition of calanoid copepods of the Chennai coast, Tamil Nadu

Sivakumar, K ; Nawaz, Md A ; Saboor, A


The study aims to determine the population composition of calanoid copepods from Ennore, Marina and Kovalam stations of the Chennai coast during the period of October 2018 to September 2019. Zooplankton samples were collected from 3 stations monthly. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and salinity of water samples were measured. In the present study, 24 calanoid copepod species were recorded from 3 stations. Index of dominance of calanoid copepod was high in the month of October 2018 at Ennore and Kovalam stations and in the month of November 2018 was high at Marina, however, index of diversity and evenness of calanoid copepod was high in the month of March 2019 at all the stations. Labidocera aestiva showed high average density (68.99±11.11 nos/m3), followed by Subeucalanus crassus (34.40±6.75 nos/m3). Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of calanoid copepods between the species showed postive as well as negative correlations at the three sampling stations. The calanoid copepods were high (1253.80±11.66 nos/m3, 1221.20±13.49 nos/m3 and 938.90±9.45 nos/m3) in the month of March 2019 at Marina, Kovalam and Ennore stations, respectively. Calanoid copepods densities were statistically analyzed whereas, PCA highlighted about relationship among the species.


Calanoid copepods, Chennai coast, Diversity, Ecological indices

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