Range extension of a Conger eel, Bathymyrus simus Smith, 1965 (Anguilliformes: Congridae) in the Arabian Sea, Western Indian Ocean

Kodeeswaran, P ; Anand, J ; Ajith Kumar, T T ; Lal, K K


Bathymyrus simus Smith, 1965, a thorny-snout conger eel, which was poorly known with few specimens and distributed in Western Pacific Ocean (Vietnam and South China Sea) and Bay of Bengal. The present study deals with a range extension of 3,500 km based on an odd male specimen collected from the Arabian Sea, Western Indian Ocean. The study also provides detailed taxonomic description with insights into their fresh colouration, phylogenetic analysis and its distributional range. Further an updated key to the congeners of the genus Bathymyrus was also provided.


Bathymyrinae, New record, Molecular analysis, Morphology

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