In-vitro screening of amylase producing halophilic bacteria isolated from seawater

Abirami, S ; Muthu Lakshmi, M ; Samrot, A V ; Jane Cypriyana, P J ; Saigeetha, S ; Narendrakumar, G


In this study, eight halobacterial strains were isolated from seawater. Among the eight isolates, four strains grew well in nutrient medium with 40 g/100 mL of sodium chloride concentration. Amongst all, HA01 was found to show highest amylase activity than others. Highest amylase producing bacteria, i.e. HA01 was subjected for 16S rRNA sequence based identification and it was found to be Aquabacterium sp. strain AS02. The organism showed optimal amylase production at pH 7 and temperature of 42 °C and NaCl concentration of 3 M. The two substrates (banana peel and potato peel) were used for the amylase production among which banana peel showed that highest amylase activity of 6.12 U/mL than potato peel (4.27 U/mL).


Amylase, Halophilic bacteria, Optimization

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