Diversity of intertidal macrobenthic fauna around Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra, west coast of India

Sivaperumal, P ; Khot, M ; Chakraborty, S K ; Pawase, A ; Jaiswar, A K


Diversity of intertidal macrobenthic community and environmental parameters namely temperature, salinity, pH and DO were assessed near the proposed nuclear power plant site Jaitapur from 2012 to 2014. Analysis of macrobenthic samples revealed the presence of 54 species belonging to 19 different groups. Highest diversity (14 groups) was observed during the post-monsoon (2014) season. At sandy and rocky shores, polychaetes were dominant followed by crustaceans like amphipod, isopod, penaeid shrimps and decapod larvae. Among all inshore stations, diversity was found to be maximum at Ganeshgule (N SW30 kms). Shannon-Weiner diversity index (2.259) and Margalef’s species richness index (2.502) indicated rich diversity at rocky habitats (N SW30 kms). The present study suggests the stable environmental parameters around the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) sites and is responsible for the rich benthic community. The outcome of the present study may be useful as baseline information on macrobenthos around the proposed Jaitapur NPP site.


Environmental parameters, Macrobenthos, Margalef’s species richness index, Shannon and Wiener diversity index

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