Metrics for the assessment of quantity and quality of the data by Argo floats

Satish, R U V N; Udaya Bhaskar, T V S


Observing system or research initiative's foundation lies on reliable in situ data from sensors, which accurately tell about various key parameters that are being measured. Argo floats had brought huge amount of ocean observational in-situ data which is widely used from analysis to modelling. Present work describes a metrics for analyzing performance of sensors on Argo floats which can be used to assess the performance of float or set of floats as a whole. A set of new metrics like Total Data Return, Quality Data Returned and Quality Data Expected are proposed including the well-known Half-Life Period utilizing all of the Argo profile data. From the analysis, temperature and sensors performance is found to be more than 80 % and average Half-Life is found to be 1065 days. These metrics provide the overall performance of the floats, and can also be applied to other similar floats deployed by other countries as well as sensors fitted on other oceanic platforms.


Argo floats, Indian Ocean, Metrics, Quality assessment, Sensors

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