Texture and mineralogy of beach sediments of Chavara and Manavalakurichi, South India - A comparative analysis

Gayathria, G S; Sundararajan, M ; Rejithb, R G; Sreelaa, S R; Silambarasanb, S ; Pruthiviraj, N


Chavara and Manavalakurichi are the two important areas with heavy mineral deposits in India. Surface samples were collected from five locations, each from Chavara and Manavalakurichi, and were analyzed for their textural parameters and mineralogy. Sediments from both regions are characteristically fine and medium sand. Chavara (CH) sands are moderately well sorted, whereas Manavalakurichi (MK) sands are moderately sorted to moderately well sorted sediments. Linear discriminate functions (LDF) calculated using the textural parameters show deposition environments of aeolian and shallow marine. Ilmenite predominantly exists along with other heavy minerals such as zircon, sillimanite, rutile, monazite, leucoxene, and garnet. The heavy minerals show an increasing trend towards, but its grain size becomes finer and well sorted. The berm and upper foreshore regions shows high concentration of heavy minerals.


Chavara, Heavy minerals, Manavalakurichi, Mineralogy, Texture

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