Occurrence and length weight relationship of Indo-Pacific mugilid Chelon carinatus (Valenciennes 1836) in four river estuaries of Turkey

Innal, D


Occurence and length-weight (LWR) relationships of four populations of Chelon carinatus in brackishwater systems of Mediterranean coast of Turkey were reported. A non-indigenous fish species, C. carinatus were captured between November 2014 and June 2017 in Ceyhan, Seyhan, Göksu and Manavgat river estuaries. A total of 127 individuals, ranging in size between 11.8 and 20.8 cm total length, 19.0 and 113.6 g weight, were examined. The length–weight relationship for all individuals was described by the following parameters: a = 0.0076; b = 3.1708 and r2 = 0.93. The results of the current length-weight relationship study show that there is significant difference from the isometric b (3.0) value for all these populations. The length-weight relationships from all localities were reported here for the first time.


Alien species, Brackish water, Keeled mullet, Lessepsian fish, Turkey

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