Observation and modeling approach in acoustic propagation in the shallow waters of southwest Bay of Bengal

Noufal, K K; Lathaa, G ; Ramesh, R


The primary focus of the work was to estimate propagation loss and provide a quantitative estimate in transmission loss using sound propagation modeling in shallow waters of south west Bay of Bengal and also to validate the results with field measurements. KRAKEN normal mode sound propagation for a range independent environment in the frequency range of 850-1050 Hz was used for the simulation. The water depth was taken as 20 m. Transmission loss is estimated at four different ranges for a source at 10 m depth by using the essential acoustic input parameters. To validate results obtained through modeling, an experiment was conducted to measure transmission loss directly in an environment that closely matched with the model. The results of transmission loss estimated using the model was compared with the field measurements at short ranges.


Kraken, Shallow water, Sound propagation, Transmission loss

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