Seasonal and spatial accumulation of heavy metals in Cystoseira barbata C. Agardh 1820 from Northeastern Black Sea coast

Türkmen, M ; Aydin, T


This study is aimed to reveal the heavy metal contamination in brown seaweed species distribute in the Northeastern Black Sea coast. This study provides important preliminary information about heavy metal accumulation in brown seaweed. Indirectly, this also provides information on the environmental pollution in the study area. Heavy metal accumulations observed were Cr: 6.8-34.9 Mn: 32.8-116, Fe: 1721-5685, Co: 0.90-3.12, Ni: 31.8-173, Cu: 6.01-20.3, Zn: 24.3-88.2, Cd: 0.16-0.69 and Pb: 0.84-3.15 mg kg-1. Such studies should be conducted occasionally to update the knowledge on accumulation of heavy metals in marine organisms and to verify the results of this study.


Bio-accumulation, Brown algae, Heavy metals, Northeastern Black Sea coast, Seasonal and spatial variations

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