New record of Sphenopid Zoanthid species Palythoa tuberculosa (Esper, 1805) from Gulf of Mannar, India

Sadhukhan, K ; Chatragaddaa, R ; Shanmugaraja, T ; Ramana Murthy, M V


Coral reefs provide a suitable habitat for many marine flora and fauna. Zoanthid is one of the most common inhabitants in coral reef habitats. A sub-massive colony of Sphenopid Zoanthid species Palythoa tuberculosa belonging to the order Zoantharia was documented for the first time from Gulf of Mannar (GoM) during an intensive coral reef monitoring survey conducted in Manoli, Manoliputti and Shingle Island. Photographic evidence of the colony along with its morphological characteristics are described in the present study.


Gulf of Mannar, Manoli and Manoliputti Island, Palythoa tuberculosa, Shingle Island, Zoanthid

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