The Hooghly croaker, Panna heterolepis Trewavas, 1977: Identification through morphometric and meristic characteristics

Hossain, M Y; Rahman, M Ashekur ; Rahman, M Ataur ; Islam, M A; Khan, M N; Chowdhury, A A; Hasan, M R; Mawa, Z


As morphometric information for Hooghly croaker Panna heterolepis Trewavas, 1977 is absent in the most extensively accessed and world’s largest online database for fishes (FishBase); this study was undertaken to provide the complete informative description on morphometric relationships and meristic counts of various fin rays. A total of 200 individuals were sampled from the Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh) during July 2018 to June 2019, using several traditional fishing gears. Meristic counts were computed using a magnifying glass. Body weight (BW) and several length measurements were taken through an electronic balance and digital slide calipers for each individual. LWRs (Length-weight relationships) were calculated as: W = a×Lb. All LWRs and LLRs (length-length relationships) were found significant with r2 ≥ 0.919 (p < 0.0001) and 0.928 (p < 0.001), respectively. BW vs. TL and TL vs. SL were the best fitted models for LWRs and LLRs, respectively. Fin formula was: dorsal, D. 43–55 (VIII–X+i/34–44); pectoral, P. 15-17 (i/14–16); pelvic, Pv. 6 (I/5); anal, A. 7–10 (II/5–8); and caudal, C. 17–19 (ii/15–17). These results will a) make a vital contribution for species identification in the marine and coastal waters of Bangladesh and adjoining countries, and b) provide information for Fish Base.


Bangladesh, Bay of Bengal, Meristic, Morphometric, Panna heterolepis

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