Statistical Studies on Rainfall and Time-based Deviations in Precipitation Trends in Vaigai River Basin, TN State, India

Palanichamy, Mahadevan ; Sankaralingam, Ramaswamy ; Narayanasamy, Narayanasamy


Food shortage and water shortage remains the most critical issues throughout the world. Understanding the variability in rainfall will help to make predictions about the rainfall patterns as well as addressing the issues of food-water-energy nexus. Herein, a trend analysis of rainfall was carried out in selected seven rainfall stations of Vaigai river basin in Tamil Nadu state, India. Statistical trend analysis was carried out, to observe the trend pattern for the period from 1959 to 2016. To determine the trend of rainfall, non-parametric Mann-Kendall test and Spearman Rho tests were used. This investigation provides insights about precipitation trends during annual, post-monsoon, pre-monsoon periods. These findings will provide clues for developing efficient water management systems using different simulation techniques and artificial intelligence approaches.


Mann-Kendall test, Precipitation, Rainfall, Spearman’s Rho test, Trend analysis

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