Variation of hydrochemical parameters with reference to geomorphological features in Godavari estuary, India

Chari, N V H K ; Venkateswararao, Ch ; Muralikrishna, R ; Sivakrishna, K


In this study, seasonal observations of hydrochemical parameters were measured in the estuarine regions of  Gautami Godavari (GGE) and Vasishta Godavari (VGE), which are surrounded by extensive mangrove swamps and closely spaced beach ridge-swale complex, respectively. A significant vertical stratification in the water column showed in the VGE region due to the strong influence of saline water intrusion. NO2- -N was higher and NO3- -N was lower in VGE during the end of the post monsoon season with reference to excretion by phytoplankton and uptake during the process of primary production respectively, which is also supported by higher concentrations of Chlorophyll a. Nutrients (NO3- -N, PO43—P and SiO42--Si) showed conservative behaviour with salinity in GGE, whereas, in the case of VGE absence of this is due to intrusion of saline water was significantly higher.


Chlorophyll a, Gautami Godavari, Nutrients, Salinity, Vasishta Godavari

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