Study on Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a concentration along the south-west coast of India

Bharti, Vivekanand ; Jayasankar, Jayaraman ; Shukla, Satya prakash ; George, Grinson ; Ambrose, Thaikoottathil Vincent ; Augustine, Sindhu Koduveliparambil ; Sathianandan, Thayyil Valappil ; Shafeeque, Muhammad


Global climate change affects the oceanographic features and distribution of marine fishes as they are poikilothermic animals. Study of oceanographic variables in a localized region is more relevant in the context of ecological responses rather than global or continental variations. In this study, time series analysis of chlorophyll-a concentration (Chl-a) in sea water and sea surface temperature (SST) was performed separately for southern, middle and northern stratum along south-west coast of India using various statistical tools. The SST showed an increasing trend along the entire south-west coast of India after the year 1995. The northern and southern stratum of south-west coast were highly influenced by rising SST, whereas middle stratum in present scenario showed stable conditions in terms of Chl-a concentration. The study provides a baseline information about changing patterns of oceanographic features along the south-west coast of India giving a better understanding of changing global climatic conditions in coastal ecosystems.


Chlorophyll-a; Sea surface temperature; South-west coast of India; Stratum

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