First record of deformity in Chinese Pomfret, Pampus chinensis (Euphrasen, 1788) from Indian waters

Vinothkumar, R. ; Rajkumar, M. ; Thirumalaiselvan, S. ; Saravanan, R. ; Remya, L. ; Batcha, S. M. Sikkander ; Nazar, A. K. Abdul


The Chinese pomfret Pampus chinensis (Euphrasen, 1788) (Stromateidae) observed with deformity from fish landings at the Jegathapattinam fishing harbour along Palk Bay coast of Tamil Nadu. The abnormality owing to fractional dorsal fin may call as ‘saddleback syndrome’ and this may be due to any kind of physical injury during early stages or to a higher chance of predation and in due course, the wound healed and the individual survive even with extreme deformed condition. Such a deformity for this species of Pomfret has never been documented from Indian waters and this could be the first record in Pampus chinensis.


Chinese pomfret; Palk bay; Saddleback syndrome; Stromateidae

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