Bio-evaluation studies of phytoconstituents- A review of the patents granted and filed by CSIR

Dhulap, Sivakami ; Mandhare, Anita ; Deval, Kashmira


Botanicals have become a very important part of our life and are increasingly used as a primary source of actives in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Extensive studies have been conducted on botanicals to understand their chemical profile and most of them have a history of safe use. Technical advances to isolate the bioactives, determine their molecular structure as well as their mechanism of action has generated considerable data and are available in the form of scientific publications as well as filing of patents. In this review, we aim to present the information pertaining to therapeutic applications of bioactives from different medicinal plants as disclosed in filed and granted patents to one of the largest publicly funded organizations in India namely Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The review also presents an assignee focused analysis and provides insights into the level of patent filing activity in the area of bioactives and the therapeutic applications by CSIR, India. Such information can provide a valuable tool for exploiting a firm’s portfolio of patent holdings to assist decision-makers to identify the most valuable patents; product area or business opportunities among its own patent holdings.


Bio evaluation; Bioactives; In-vitro; In-vivo; Patents; Phytoconstituents

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