A review on use of medicinal plants to control parasites

Bauri, R K; Tigga, Maary Nisha; Kullu, Singray Saleeb


Medicinal plants have been identified and used traditionally throughout the world from the beginning of the human civilization. Several plants with various properties of healing have been mentioned earlier in the oldest Indian mythology Rig-veda and Athar-veda, thus the history of use of medicinal plants in India dates back to 3500-1800 B.C. These medicinal plants contain active principles which are highly potent against parasites. Parasite causes a quantum of health hazard and economic losses to both human and animals. Therefore, medicinal plants are still a concern of research for their anthelmintic activity and other beneficial effects, because of increasing contraindications in the application of synthetic medicines. The use of crude medicinal plants assures health promising effect to mankind and animals due to anthelmintic efficacy without any side effects. The present review gives an introduction to some medicinal plants, method of extraction and emphasized more towards its application against specific parasites.


Animal health, Anthelmintics, Medicinal plants, Parasites, Veterinary.

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