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Investigation of gain characteristics of GRIN-InGaAsP/InP nano-heterostructure

Alvi, Parvez Ahmad


The modal gain characteristics along with optical losses theoretically within TE and TM polarization modes for GRIN-In0.90Ga0.10As0.59P0.41/InP lasing nano-heterostructure by taking into account the number of quantum wells as active layers inserted between barriers, have been investigated in the present paper. In addition, the behaviour of saturated modal gain, transparency current density and maximum optical loss for the single and multiple quantum wells based nano-heterostructures, has also been studied. Moreover, temperature and GRIN dependence of modal gain characteristics with in TE and TM mode have been studied. Under simulation, the anti-guiding factors (a substantial parameter for optical gain) along with modal gain as a function of photonic energy and lasing wavelength at different temperatures have also been investigated. The maximum gain is achieved in the NIR (near infrared) regions at the wavelengths ~1.40 µm and ~1.25 µm in TE and TM polarization modes, respectively in the present paper. Hence, the nano-structure studied in this work is very useful as a light source for the optical fiber based communication system functioning in the NIR region due to less attenuation.


InGaAsP; Nano-heterostructure; Modal gain; Transparency current density; anti-guiding factor

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