Ultra low-voltage low-power current conveyor transconductance amplifier

Khateb, Fabian


This paper presents ultra low-voltage (LV) low-power (LP) CMOS structure for Current Conveyor Transconductance Amplifier (CCTA). The proposed structure is performed using recently presented technique named bulk-driven quasi-floating gate (BD-QFG) enabling the CCTA to operate at low supply voltage ±0.3 V with low-power consumption in the micro range of 34 µW. Moreover, the proposed circuit provides adjustable transconductance via external grounded resistor. In addition to the topology simplicity, the proposed circuit offers high linearity and extended range of transconductance controlling. Two new figure of merit (FOM) are used to characterize the performance of the design and prove its effectiveness as compared to other. Eventually, to verify the functionality of the circuit, two current mode multi-function biquad filters are included as examples of application. The simulations are performed in PSPICE environment using the 0.18 µm CMOS n-well process from TSMC.


Bulk-driven MOS; quasi-floating-gate MOS; Low-voltage low-power; Current Conveyor Transconductance Amplifier; Current mode filter

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