Elastic properties of elemental, binary and ternary semiconductor materials



Elastic properties of elemental (C, Si, Ge), binary (II-VI, III-V) and ternary (I-III-VI2, II-IV-V2) semiconductors have been studied. New relations, based on plasma oscillation theory of solids, have been proposed for the calculation of bulk modulus (B), microhardness (H) and shear modulus (G) of these materials. The values of B, H, G and G/B ratio have been calculated for 13 new compounds of II-IV-V2 family. The calculated values are compared with the available experimental and reported values. Reasonably good agreement has been obtained between them. The average percentage deviation of proposed relations has also been estimated and found to be better than earlier correlations.


Bulk modulus; Microhardness; Shear modulus; Elastic properties; Plasma energy; Elemental; binary and ternary semiconductors

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