Renyi entropy based Bi-histogram equalization for contrast enhancement of MRI brain images

D, Vijayalakshmi


The quality of the MRI brain images is dependent on the sensor. It is essential to have a pre-processing technique to meet the finest quality at the sensor’s cost. A pre-processing algorithm has been proposed in this paper to enhance the low contrast MRI brain images. The input image’s histogram has been divided into two sub histograms using its median value to uphold the input image’s mean brightness. After calculating the Renyi entropy from the sub histogram, histogram clipping has been done to regulate the enhancement rate. The clipping limit has been selected automatically from the minimum value of the mean, median of the distribution function, and itself. Additionally, the proposed algorithm has incorporated the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) to improve the enhancement. Experimental results have shown that the proposed algorithm enhances the input image and maintains the mean brightness.


Adaptive clipping limit, Contrast improvement index, Discrete cosine transform, Gradient magnitude similarity deviation, Spatial distribution

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