Study of Two Pre-Monsoon Thunderstorms over Kalyani, West Bengal from Simultaneous Measurements of RF Spectra, Radar and Satellite Pictures

Bhattacharya, Asit Baran; Raha, Bipasa ; Pandit, Jyotirmoy ; Sarkar, Shalini ; Sarkar, Sumit ; Mondal, Somasree


Lightning in the form of electromagnetic radiation as received in the VLF and LF bands on April 1, 2015 from 10 kHz to 300 kHz over Kalyani (22.97° N, 88.43° E) during a purely local pre-monsoon thunderstorm and its characteristics is examined by simultaneous consideration of RF spectra, Doppler Radar and Satellite pictures with a view to examine the spectral pattern and other important characteristics noted over the area. Atmospherics, satellite and other relevant meteorological parameters during another severe storm as experienced at different parts of South Bengal including Kalyani, on April 11, 2013 have also been analyzed and some interesting results are reported considering the source activity and the radio wave propagation involved.


Lightning, Atmospherics, Thunder squall, Source activity, Radio wave propagation

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