Application of Nanofluids in CO2 Capture and Extraction from Waste Water

Thakur, Parag ; Sonawane, Shriram S


Carbon dioxide emission is one of the alarming problems that we are facing today and with the help of nanotechnology, the emissions have been reduced to an extent. There are certain methods to reduce the emission in the field of nanotechnology like using carbon nanotubes hollow membrane contractor, hybrid Nano absorbents, transition Nano crystals doped with carbon nanotubes for efficient carbon dioxide absorption, synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride Nano sheets, etc.


Nanofluidshave been potential to use as an alternative for carbon capture than conventional fluids like amines. Generally, amines like MEA, DEA and MDEA are used to capture carbon dioxide. However, recent studies showed that nanofluidscangive more absorption efficiency than conventional solvents. In a current study, we reviewed and highlighted recent advances in the application of nanofluids in carbon dioxide capture. Many researchers are working on various approaches to make an efficient nanofluid system for environmental application. Butmany nanoparticles are not fully explored.

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