Assessment of water and soil quality along the coastal region of Mangaluru

Kiran, D A; Ramaraju, H K


Majority of the industries located in the Mangaluru Coastal region, discharge their waste directly or indirectly into the Arabian Sea through the west flowing rivers of the region and also, due to the addition of municipal and sewage wastes, the surface water quality and soil quality were affected and causing the Physicochemical characteristics to alter. 10 Surface water samples and six soil samples were collected from selected locations of the study area and analyzed for various parameters by adopting standard methods. High values of Hardness, BOD and COD were found in the surface waters near Baikampady industrial area. With respect to soil samples, high values of physico chemical parameters were found for the sample 2 compared to other samples and also most of samples were acidic in nature.


Mangaluru Coastal region; surface water; soil quality; physico-chemical characteristics; conductivity

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