Review on Application of nanofluid/Nano Particle as Water Disinfectant

Malika, Manjakuppam ; Sonawane, Shriram S


Nanoparticles like CNT, MgO, silver, Zno, CuO and self-cleaning TiO2at certain loading showed better activity on reduction in growth of microorganisms. To overcome the undesired properties of nanoparticles they are doped together to form a composite or hybrid to attain the better performance over the various range of bacteria. The nanoparticles were synthesized eco-friendly from natural resources to attain the biodiversity. The antibacterial activity was further measured in terms of COD, MIC, MBC, optical density and UV absorption. The review focused broadly on the single/hybrid/composite nanoparticle based nanofluid for treating wastewater using renewable -solar energy source without any by product recycling problems.


Nanofluid; Nanoparticle; Nanocomposite; Hybrid; Wastewater treatment, MIC; MBC; Antibacterial activity

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