Examining Temporal Change and Prediction of Future Land Use Using Geospatial Approach: A Case Study of Talpona River Watershed in Goa, India

Panandiker, Ashwini Pai; Gude, Shubham ; Venkatesh, B ; Kotha, Mahender ; Chachadi, A G


Land-use change leads to environmental change on spatial and temporal scales. For better water resource management, understanding the interaction between land-use changes and local hydrology is crucial. This study analyzed the land-use change over past years and predicted the future one in Talpona river watershed in Goa. Land Change Modeler was used for change analysis between satellite images of 1993, 2014 and 2019 map for validation. The Kappa co-efficient of 0.73 indicated acceptable accuracy. Multi-Layer Perceptron neural network was used for prediction of land-use for 2030 and 2040. Results will aid in modeling future water flows and designing adaptation strategies.


Satellite images; land-use; Land Change Modeler; Talpona river watershed, Goa

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