A Comprehensive Study of Avifaunal Diversity in Jhargram District

Khatua, Tapan ; Ray, Dipanjan ; Patra, Samir


Jhargram district, formerly known as Jungle mahal is a newly formed district, separated from Paschim Medinipur in April, 2017. The biodiversity of Jhargram is very rich, especially on avifaunal and lepidopteran diversity due to its well vegetation and environmental health. The following paper represents the survey report on birds for one and half years, checklist of bird species, study area and study protocol, devices used and some interesting photographs. The exhaustive field study showed 128 species in 108 genera from Jhargram outskirt. Some species are local migrant, while some are long distant migrant, occasional dweller, and maximum are resident.


Avifauna; Jungle mahal; Biodiversity; Migrant; Environmental health

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