Implimentation of The Tool for Centralized Water Quality Sampling Collection and Analysis

Verma, Mohit ; Sharma, Ajoy


Punjab water supply and sewerage board department is supplying drinking water in 62 ULB’s of Punjab state. The quality of drinking water is prime agenda for the department so to provide safe and healthy water to Public. With this agenda to ensure quality of water routine testing of drinking water essential to analyze various parameter of drinking water which ensure water to fit for use. For this purpose routine test are being done but testing is not regular and uniform but primarily the key challenge is to ensure proper sampling of water which is very difficult to ensure in the state and are main reason or need for this project. The department came with a innovative project designed and executed in-house within the department to make centralized water quality surveillance cell situated at head office which monitors the sampling of drinking and waste water also with a dedicated uniform procedure with the help of IT as key tool. Each source of water and waste water is geo tagged and provide QR code and sampling is done with a Mobile app with each sample provided with QR code. Also the testing results reporting and record keeping is all online. All activities of the project like sample scheduling, sampling, testing record are done on live cloud based database to minimize chances of error and reducing manual efforts by using IT as a power tool. With this key imitative departmental efforts of field staff reduced considerably and also the quality of sampling has improved a lot. The whole project is done by Department in-house for the purpose of betterment and supplying safe and healthy water to public.


Centralized Sample Collection, QR Codes, Live Dashboard, Live Reporting

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