Mapping Spatial and Temporal Distributions of P. juliflora (Sw.) Dc in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Sisay, Henock Seyoum


In Ethiopia, Invasive Alien Species (IAS) and their related impacts on biodiversity are increasing. The expansion rate of P. juliflora (Mesquite) brought economic, social and ecological problems in Afar region. The intension of the present study is to map the spatial and temporal distributions of P. juliflora in Afar region, Ethiopia. Mapping the temporal and spatial distributions and quantifying the invaded areas was carried out using geospatial techniques. The results showed that during the period 1985 to 2016, P. juliflora expands by 136 km2 Year-1annually. Its trend involves lag phase, astonishing recover after disturbance, and high infestation rate. The results of the study are helpful in making and/or implementing policies and strategies of environmental and biodiversity managements. The study suggests future studies to include ecological triggers of IAS.


Biodiversity; Geospatial Techniques; Invasion Rate; P. juliflora;Mapping; Afar; Ethiopia

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