Diversity of Birds Fauna in Jhargram, West Bengal, India

Das, Dipak ; Patra, Samir ; Patra, Samir ; Bera, Atanu ; Jana, Banashree ; Giri, Sumana ; Jana, Ranjan


Jhargram is a newly formed district, separated from Paschim Medinipur district on 4th April, 2017. The biodiversity of Jhargram is very rich, especially on avifaunal diversity due to its well vegetation, less human interference, low pollution level and good environmental health. The following paper represents the survey report on birds for two years, annotated checklist of bird species with Latin name and IUCN status, graphical representation of species composition on different families, study area and study protocol, devices used and some interesting photographs that collect during field surveys. The exhaustive field study showed 132 species in 109 genera under 58 families within 20 orders from Jhargram town and its outskirts. Some avian species are local migrant, while some are long distant migrant, occasional dweller, and maximum are resident. The rich diversity indicates a good environmental quality, lower pollution rate. This is the first hand study that reveals avifaunal diversity from Jhargram for first time and some rare species of birds from Jhargram are reported on this article.


Biodiversity; Avian Fauna; Migrant; IUCN Status; Jhargram

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