Numeric and Experimental Study of Co3O4 –Water/ Ethylene glycol-based nanofluid for car radiator application

Jaiswal, Krishna ; Bhad, Rahul ; Thakur, Parag ; Sonawane, Shriram S


With the progress in technology, advanced heavy-duty engines are being used for providing a better experience to the people. To increase the heat transfer rate we cannot increase the heat transfer area for heavy-duty engines. To meet the current demands of higher heat transfer rates in the minimum possible heat transfer area, nanofluids are being extensively used as a coolant in car radiator as a substitute for the conventional base fluid. In the present study, Co3O4 – Water/Ethylene Glycol mixture based nanofluids are used to study the enhancement in car radiator performance for better cooling. Obtained results are compared with base fluid without nanoparticles. The inlet temperature is kept constant at 63° C and outlet temperatures were measured at a various inlet flow rate of radiator and volume concentration of cobalt oxide. The experimental setup is modeled using ANSYS FLUENT software and both results are compared. From this study Enhancement in heat transfer rate observed for 0.3 vol. % of nanoparticles at 4 lpm velocity is 29.5%.


Nanofluid; Cobalt Oxide; Car Radiator; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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