Review on CNT Based Hybrid Nanofluids Performance in the Nano Lubricant Application

Sonawane, Shriram S; Malika, Manjakuppam


The advanced hybrid nanofluids are the important outcome of the nanotechnology advancement where nanosized particles were added together either using one step or two step method. The morphology mostly different in both the synthesizing methods which played major role in the thermal properties of nanofluid. The current paper reviewed MWCNT based mono/hybrid nanofluid applications as heat transfer fluid in the nano lubrication process. With highest surface to volume ratio nanoparticles efficiently impacted on frictional loss and heat generation by creating a nanolayer film on the surface. From the available literature various modelling equations along with their margin of deviation were presented in the paper.


MWCNT; Hybrid Nanofluid; Nano Lubrication; Solid Volume Fraction; MOD.

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