Solid Waste Collection Optimization: A literature Review

Tripathi, Devvrat


The urban population saw an increase of 80 million in 2019. The accelerated movement of people towards urban centres along with annual increasing per capita waste generation calls for an urgent need to address the rising solid waste generation. Contemporary pandemic of Covid-19 puts the demand all time high for revival and optimizing solid waste management system. For optimizing solid waste management, solid waste collection is the most important aspect of process as it includes majority of financial inputs. This article aims to provide literature review regarding different methodologies and criteria for solid waste collection optimization. The article also examines trends and areas of future research along with unexplored and budding domains. This would help reader identifying his interest area besides getting a comprehensive understanding of research trends. The study could also be used by waste management firms to analyze, compare different methods, their performance and their suitability under different environment conditions.



Solid Waste Collection Optimization; Waste Management; Literature Review; Solid Waste

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